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Looking for guitar lessons in Singapore? Whether you are seeking to learn electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar or ukulele, you have come to the right place!

We adhere to the belief that there is no fix way in learning. Every student has his unique learning styles and experiences. Our instructors have meticulously designed the course in a structured manner, yet remains tailored and adapted to every student’s needs and goal. No matter your musical background, our experienced teachers will tailor the curriculum according to your learning style and pace.

Аcoustic, electric, bass guitar or ukulele?

Acoustic guitar is for those who aspire to play those catchy pop hits usually played on radio. Master the basic guitar techniques through our personalised lessons. Learn more about our Acoustic Guitar Lessons.

Electric guitar students will learn how to produce different types of sounds and tones, as well as using amps and pedals. Learn more about our Electric Guitar Lessons.

Our bass guitar course will allow you to explore a variety of chord melody repertoire, and be taught on the rhythmic, harmonic and melodic bass line. At the end of course, you should be able to develop your own sound and become a well-rounded bassist. Learn more about our Bass Guitar Lessons.

As for ukulele, it is for anyone who wishes to learn a simple musical instrument. Our ukulele course will cover various playing techniques, fingering, right posture, tab reading and explore a variety of genres and tempos. Learn more about our Ukulele Lessons.

Our guitar lessons photos

Our guitar lessons photos

Electric Guitar Double Stops

Electric Guitar Power Chords

Learn how to do guitar picking

Electric Guitar Solos

Electric Guitar Rhythm Clean

Learn how to do plucking

Electric Guitar Lead Guitar

Electric Guitar Rhythm OverDrive

Learn how to strum

What Makes our lessons different?

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Student Testimonials

Student testimonial

I have enjoyed my guitar lessons with Javen from Alternate Tone. I have great fun and had learn many songs. I love the guitar lessons as I have learnt so much in every single lesson.

Thomas Ferherstonhaugh

Student from Austrialia

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