Develop your own BASS sound

Develop your own sound, and become a well-rounded bassist through our well-thought out curriculum and original bass guitar course materials developed by our experienced instructor.

With our bass guitar lessons, you’ll be exposed to a great variety of chords to expand your chord melody repertoire and going on to build your own chord melodies. You’ll be taught on the rhythmic, harmonic & melodic bass line that will help you in understanding the fundamentals of music and set your foundation right. Learn the art of harmonic layering – a combination of arpeggios, chord tones and scales. Discover the underlying relationship between harmony and groove. Hone your skills to play your bass cleanly and fluidly. And grasp the ability of Groove techniques.

We adhere to the belief that there is no fix way in learning. Every student has his unique learning styles and experiences. Our bass guitar instructors have meticulously designed the course in a structured manner, yet remains tailored and adapted to every student’s needs and goal.

More than just learning songs, our lessons aims to improve your technical skills and theoretical understanding of music. All course materials are included.

We have trained over a hundred beginners bass learners over the years, currently with 4 bass instructor available to coach. Come Join us in this musical journey experience as we build your strong foundation, cover the fundamentals and help you progress to advance level in your playing skills. 

Lessons are conducted at our main studio outlet at 29b Seah Street 188385 which is near city hall MRT ( just opposite bras basah complex and beside raffles hotel) and at our new studio outlet at 78a Serangoon Garden way 555974.


Bass Guitar Solo Improvisation – (Must Watch)

Our step by step Bass Guitar Lessons will help you play like a pro (fast)


What you can expect to learn:


Expand your chord melody repertoire and learn to build your own chord melodies.

Rhythmic, harmonic & melodic bass line

Develop an understanding of the fundamental of music

Harmonic layering

Learn the art of combining arpeggios, chord tones and scales together.

Creating on your bass line

Discover the underlying relationship between harmony and groove

Groove development & Techniques

As a bassist, you’ll need to be able to blend in well with other instruments.

Deep Dive Technique

Hone your skills to play your bass cleanly and fluidly.

Beginner Package Price Starts from $230 Per 4 Lesson onwards
All lessons are on a Individual one to one basis. 45min per session

Intermediate and Advance price starts from $250 and $300 onwards.

Bass Guitar Videos

Check out our Bass guitar video demos done by our instructors, covering some songs and techniques that will be taught during your lessons with us.

Bass Guitar Solo Improvisation

Rock Bass Guitar Lessons

Jazz Bass Guitar Lessons Singapore

Never Again – James Fortune

Metal Bass Guitar Lessons

Bass Guitar Solo Improvisation

What makes our Bass Guitar Lessons different?

What makes our Bass Guitar Lessons different?

Student Testimonials

I started learning the bass because I wanted to be able to be a bassist for my church band. Lessons from Alternate Tone has help me gain confidence in playing and taught me techniques that has improved my playing.

Samuel Ang

Working Adult

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