What makes our music school different

Personalized lessons

We don’t believe in a one-size-fit all teaching plan. Every lessons is customize to individual student’s needs and aspirations. Want to learn a particular song or genre? Our instructors can tailor the lesson plans for you.

Progressive lesson plan

We have a well-thought out and comprehensive learning syllabus that will guide you in your learning. Students can ensure smooth progression from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced level.

Professional instructors

All our instructors are highly sought-after musicians in the industry, with years of experience and music degree. Definitely no Tom, Dick or Harry teachers.

Learn at your own pace

If you are fast learner, that’s great! We will expedite your lessons to maximise your learning. if you require more time, we will be more than happy to walk you through techniques and methods or improvise the way we teach till you fully grasp the lesson.

Centrally located

Our studio is located 5mins away from city hall mrt and bus stops, while surrounded with good food and malls. You can’t get better than that.

Lesson materials and Instruments provided

Come as you are, feel free to use our instruments for use during lessons. Lesson notes & scores will be provided without any additional cost. PS: Aircon included

Online lessons

Our lessons here are always fun, however, being humans yes there are that some lazy days where you just don’t want to get dressed & get out of the house.

Well, how about having class in the comforts of your home? Or maybe have classes while you’re overseas.

At Alternate Tone, we do not have to be physically present. We allow students to have online lessons with their instructors.

Why should circumstances stop you from learning what you love? Best thing is, you can even be in your pyjamas.

Money back guarantee

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. That’s just because… we are pretty confident of our teaching methods. In an highly unlikely event, If practised the way we‘ve taught you and you don’t see any improvements, we will gladly refund you back your money.

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