How to Write a Song?

We know the answer! Unravel the secrets behind creative songwriting and the catchy tunes you hear on the radio. As a student in Alternate Tone’s Songwriting course, you will develop the skills needed to get you out of that writer’s block. Whether you already have fragments of an idea for a song or just starting from scratch, your instructor will help you develop the song you have always wanted to write.  

Songwriting encompasses a process of creativity thinking: from getting the initial inspiration to pen down a new song, to writing it down complete with the instrumentation and chord structure and finally, recording the song.

Your instructor will guide you through the fundamentals of pop songwriting by introducing you to several creative approaches on how to generate ideas for lyrics, chords, melodies, arrangements and accompaniment playing patterns to create your next hit. You will analyse the music of musicians and artists you are influenced by as well as some of the music industry’s greatest songs to date (local and international). Also, get exclusive tips on how to get your song out there!

Although there are no concrete rules in songwriting, the two main components that make or break a song are the melody and the lyrics. This course will help you in tackling just that! Here at Alternate Tone, you will learn essential melodic forms and strategies in melodic construction, the fundamentals of lyric writing all while developing an individual writing style; because your songs are unique to you! To aid your appreciation of writing, you will acquire the tools required to read music through various exercises anchored in foundational music theory. 

At Alternate Tone, there will be opportunities for you to demonstrate your mastery and progress in your journey as a songwriter which may include performing your original song at our various events. On top of all this, upon completion of a song that you are fully happy with, you will be able to record your original composition, here at Alternate Tone! Whether you want to enter a song competition in Singapore or compose a song for a loved one, we will help you get there!

To complement your progress as a songwriter, we highly recommend taking vocal, piano or guitar lessons so that you will be able to showcase your original song by performing it yourself!

What Will You Learn?:

Building your song

Learn how to build a song from a sea of ideas and how to artfully put those ideas into a form that makes sense and feels good to you

Creating memorable and catchy lyrics

Learn how to apply contemporary techniques to develop a comprehensive story through your original lyrics

Ideas for songs

Generate unique ideas for your original composition by doing different kinds of songwriting exercises that can be applied to your daily practice

Creating your writing style

Discover who you are as a songwriter by analysing various genres and writing styles and applying this to create your individual style

Essential melodic forms

Understand and analyse various melodic forms of the songs you love and some of the great music of today

Reading and writing

Discover how to read and write music through the basis of music theory  

What makes our Songwriting Course different?

What makes our Songwriting Course different?

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