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One of the most common struggles of beginners learning the electric guitar would be to get chords, riffs, and lead playing to sound right. This involves techniques like string muting, string bending, vibrato, and improvisation.

Based on common issues guitarists face, our instructors have come up with a comprehensive syllabus for Electric Guitar Lessons to help beginners learn the basic techniques and progress seamlessly through each level and aid advanced guitarist to improve their playing skills. From Blues to Metal, Jazz to Rock Guitar playing, our lesson modules are structured to help students learn these genres and to improve progressively.

More than just learning songs, our guitar lessons aims to improve your technical skills and theoretical understanding of music. At the end of your course, you will be able to improvise, create your own guitar solos and personalise your style.

Learning the techniques and basics is one thing, but applying it is another. Therefore our lessons consist of jam sessions over existing music (either using a loop pedal, putting the iTunes music library on shuffle, or just turning on the radio), or learning to rearrange/come up with your own guitar parts for a song. This will develop a good ear and improve improvisation. On a school level, we also have get-together sessions where our students get to interact and play with other students.

What makes our Electric Guitar Classes different?

What makes our Electric Guitar Classes different?
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What you can expect to learn Electric Guitar with us

  1. Lead Guitar – learn to play solos, riffs like Slash and Joe Satriani.
  2. Rhythm Guitar – learn to provide melody to a music like how Izzy Stradlin of Guns N’Roses does.
  3. Guitar Solo
  4. Solo Improvisation – understand the art of spontaneously coming up with new music
  5. Music Theory – understand and interpret written music, and translate that into your playing.
  6. How to read tabs – guitar tabs/tablature is a popular method of notating guitar music. It is the de facto shorthand for most of the guitar music available online.
  7. Playing in Different Genres:
    • Rock
    • Blues
    • Jazz
    • Metal

Electric Guitar Lessons

Electric Guitar Double Stops

Electric Guitar Solos

Electric Guitar Lead Guitar

Electric Guitar Power Chords

Electric Guitar Rhythm Clean

Electric Guitar Rhythm OverDrive

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You will learn:

  • Strumming
  • What are the different types of electric guitar rhythm techniques and applies them on to songs
  • Lead Guitar
  • Learn techniques and scales that helps you play faster
  • Chords
  • Learn the various type of chord progression, power chords and how to overcome chord changing issues
  • Songs
  • Learn songs that you eagerly want to learn but don’t know how.


You will learn:

  • Rhythm Guitar
  • Art and fundamental of being a rock solid rhythm guitarist
  • How to play in a band
  • Lead guitar
  • Attempt guitar solos that you always want to but don’t know how.
  • Exploring Different Genres
  • Lets learn some blues, rock
  • Music theory
  • Learn basic music theory such as:
    1. How are chords formed?
    2. Understanding chord progression
    3. Finding chords using theory
    4. How to transpose


You will learn:

  • Rhythm Guitar
  • What’s required of you, and how to play you other musicians in a band
  • Lead guitar
  • Let’s get serious in playing guitar solos.
  • Exploring Different Genres
  • Lets learn some blues, rock, metal, jazz
  • Music theory
  • Learn Theory that explains the logic behind your playing
  • What are scales? and how are they formed
  • Cycle of fifths and fourths
  • What are modes and how to use them


You will learn:

  • In depth training of
  • Blues, Jazz, Rock, Metal
  • Specialization
  • Discovering the genre you like and be good at it


$160/4 Lessons

45 minutes/lesson

$180/4 Lessons

45 minutes/lesson

$200/4 Lessons

45 minutes/lesson

$220/4 Lessons

45 minutes/lesson

Student Testimonials

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  • Alternate Tone Music School Student

    I started out with zero knowledge about the guitar and I decided to improve my playing after trying to learn the guitar from several places. I was recommended by friends to learn at Alternate Tone. From my experience, the lessons here are different…

    Benedict Ng | University Student

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