Enroll your child in our Music Exploration Programme to develop their talents and essential skills through engaging and educational activities. Our programme builds a solid foundation in music theory and boosts cognitive abilities, creativity, and social skills. Give your child the gift of music to reach their full potential. Our music Exploration programme for kids are conveniently at 78A Serangoon Garden Outlet and coming soon to 29B Seah Street, ( 5min walk from City Hall MRT)

As a parent, we are always seeking ways to develop your child’s talents. Our Music Exploration Programme provides a fun and educational way for your child to experience the joy of music while building essential skills. Enrolling your child in our programme offers a unique opportunity to discover the benefits of music, including improved cognitive abilities, boosted creativity, and enhanced social skills. By doing so, we will be giving them a gift that will last a lifetime and help them reach their full potential.

Our Music Exploration Programme is tailored for children aged 3 to 6 years old, while our Twinkle Tone Music Appreciation Programme caters to newborns and toddlers aged 6 months to 2 years old

Why Join A Music Exploration Programme?:

Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Our Music Exploration Class

Here are some of the benefits of signing up your child for our Music Exploration Programme:

Develops musical skills: Our experienced teachers will guide your child through the basics of music theory and provide vocal and instrumental training to help them develop their musical abilities. They will learn to sing and play instruments, read sheet music, and understand basic rhythmic patterns and melodies.

Boosts creativity: Music is a powerful form of self-expression that can help children explore their creativity and imagination. Our programme encourages children to experiment with different musical styles and genres, and to express their own unique musical ideas.

Enhances cognitive abilities: Research has shown that music education can improve cognitive abilities such as memory, language, and spatial reasoning. Our programme is designed to help children develop these important skills through engaging musical activities and exercises.

Builds confidence and social skills: Music is a social activity that encourages teamwork, collaboration, and communication. By working with our experienced teachers and fellow students, your child will develop their confidence and social skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Fosters a lifelong love of music: Our Music Exploration Programme is designed to help children develop a lifelong love of music. By introducing them to the joys of music at a young age, we hope to inspire them to continue exploring and creating music throughout their lives.

More advantages of exposing your child to music and rhythms.

Learning beats and rhythm can have many benefits for children’s development, both in terms of music and beyond. Here are a few ways that learning beats and rhythm can benefit children, and how it can help them in learning other instruments in the future:

Develops fine motor skills: Learning to keep a steady beat and play rhythmically requires coordination and dexterity, which can help children develop their fine motor skills. This can be especially helpful for younger children, who are still developing their hand-eye coordination and control over their movements.

Improves focus and attention: Playing with a steady beat or rhythm requires concentration and focus, which can help children develop their attention span and ability to stay on task. This can translate to other areas of their life as well, such as in school or other activities where focus and attention are important.

Enhances listening skills: Playing with a beat or rhythm requires active listening, as children must be able to hear and follow the beat while playing their instrument. This can help children develop their listening skills and ability to hear and distinguish different sounds.

Builds a strong foundation for other instruments: Beats and rhythm are fundamental to many different instruments, such as drums, guitar, piano, and many others. By learning beats and rhythm early on, children can develop a strong foundation for playing these other instruments in the future.

Encourages creativity and musical exploration: Learning beats and rhythm can be a fun and creative process, as children can experiment with different sounds and patterns to create their own unique rhythms. This can encourage them to explore and create their own music, which can be a valuable and rewarding experience.

Overall, learning beats and rhythm can be a valuable experience for children, both in terms of music and in terms of their overall development. By developing their fine motor skills, focus and attention, listening skills, and creativity, children can build a strong foundation for playing other instruments in the future and enjoy the many benefits that music can bring.


What Will Your Child Learn? 

Solfege System – Learning of Pitch and sight reading

Relative Pitch Development – Relative pitch development is the process of training one’s ability to identify and recognize different musical intervals, chords, and scales.

Rhythmic Notation – develop understanding of beats, rests, timing and how it is represented in music sheets

Music Theory – Introduction to basic music theory concepts such as rhythm, melody, and harmony

Explore and learn one instrument Per Module– such as vocal & hand percussion, ukulele, keyboard, Cajon & Drums


Module 1- 4

$41.25 Per Sessions

12 lesson per module

45 min Each Session

Group Class Session: 3-6 Children Per Class

For Children Age 3- 6 years old

Contact us for more details

For Newborn and Toddlers age 6months to 2 years old, check out our
Twinkle Tone – Music Appreciation Programme for more information





Enroll your child in our Music Exploration Programme today and give them the gift of music that will last a lifetime! Let us help your child discover their creative potential and develop a love for music that will benefit them in all areas of their life. Sign up now to secure your child’s spot in our next class!

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