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Alternate Tone is introducing the ultimate lesson plan in which our professional DJ instructor teaches you the art and science of being a DJ- the technical and practical tricks and techniques of mastering the board. We want to nurture DJs, have fun together but of course, we’re serious about imparting skills so that you can be a dance floor ready DJ in no time.

It is not all dry classroom lecture-style. Get real gig experience as our DJ instructor mentor you in some of Singapore’s most well known venues. Shadow your mentor, learn the moves and secrets of engaging the crowd.

In this course, you will learn all the basics of being a professional DJ. Learn the basics techniques, beat mixing, familiarise yourself with industry standard boards and equipments, edit tracks using Digital Audio Workstation and other plug-in software and lastly, have real live gig exposure! There is no age limit for this course. Choose to have a personalised individual class or group class with your friends or family members!

Over the years, our instructor has trained many students of various ages and background in DJ and taught in various local universities in Singapore.

By the end of the course, you would be ready to start your rave party!

What will you learn:

DJ Techniques

Learn how to be a professional DJ

Beat Mixing


Learn how to use Pioneer Nexus CDJ 2000 + DJM 2000

Live Gig Exposure

What makes our DJ Course different?

What makes our DJ Course different?

Student Testimonials

DJ course at Alternate Tone is fun. The lessons are well planned and easy to understand. The DJ instructors are patience in teaching beginners like myself and I’ve learn a lot from them about DJ-ing.



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