Learn the right Vocal techniques

We believe that there is no fixed rule in acquiring the techniques of good vocals. At Alternate Tone, we adhere to our motto of having a better way to learn music.

Our instructors have meticulously designed the course’s foundational structure but every student’s learning experience will differ slightly based on their needs and goals. More than the dry-lecture style of learning, we aim to provide value-adding, fun, enjoying and inspiring learning opportunities for all our students.

Discover your voice! We aim to provide you with all the tools necessary in expanding your range of styles while keeping you focused on your goals as a singer. In this course, you will learn the right breathing techniques; to breathe correctly and control your breathing so that it is used to optimum effect when you sing. Your instructor will help you build your vocal stamina and avoid vocal fatigue, teach you how to care for your vocals, and coach you on the proper techniques of singing. We cater to beginner students (even those who are tone deaf) as well as professional singers who need guidance on their technique and repertoire.

In addition to your vocal course, you will have additional opportunities to showcase your progress at Alternate Tone which may include recording sessions (featured on our social media platforms) and performance opportunities throughout the year. These experiences will help shape your journey as a vocalist and provide you with the skills necessary for our country’s budding industry!

Whether you are looking to participate in a singing competition in Singapore or perform for a loved one, our professional and experienced vocal coaches will groom you from karaoke/bathroom singer to a confident stage performer!

What Will I Learn?

Discover Your Voice 

Learn how to manage your voice and expand your range 

Breathing techniques and breath management

Apply the correct way of breathing and learn how to manage your breath properly so that it is used to optimum effect when you sing

Vocal Stamina 

Avoid vocal fatigue and build your stamina through various vocal exercises that can be applied to your daily practice

Vocal Care

Learn how to treat your highly delicate instrument with care

Vocal Techniques

Learn how to sing effectively with accurate intonation using proper placement, diction and support 


Sing your favourite songs and learn new songs to build your repertoire 

Stage Performance Techniques 

Acquire the skills necessary for live performance and learn how to manage stage fright 

What makes our Singing Classes different?

What makes our Singing Classes different?

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