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How to Write a Song?

We know the answer! Unravel the secrets behind creative songwriting and catchy hits. This programme will definitely help you to write better songs. Songwriting encompasses a process of creativity thinking : get the initial inspiration to pen down a new song, to the writing it out into a musical score, which includes doing up the arrangement and recording of the song.

Our instructor will guide you through the fundamentals of pop songwriting – introducing you to various chords, melodies, music arrangements, accompaniment playing patterns, various techniques and approaches to create your next hit. Also, get exclusive insights and tips on how to get your song out there!

Though there is no particular rules in songwriting, the two main components of songwriting are: composing the melody and writing the lyrics. This course will help you in just that! Here are the things you’ll learn by the end of the course: Essential melodic forms, reading and writing solfege score, develop melodic construction, getting inspirations and melodic appreciation.

What’s more, upon completion of the programme, our students will be able to record their own song composition! Whether you want to enter a Singapore song competition or compose a song for a loved one, we will help you get there!

This course is highly recommended to be complemented with piano or guitar lessons. So that you can showcase your own composition and perform it yourself!

What makes our Songwriting Course different?

What makes our Songwriting Course different?
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