Learning pop piano is not just about reading scores

We believe that learning pop piano is not just about reading scores. To produce good music, we need to strike a balance of the mind, body and spirit. The mind stores and processes the knowledge of music theory and harmony that are essential for music composition, as well as improvisation. The body facilitates our technical skills, speed, and accuracy to be optimised, whereas the spirit allows our feelings to be expressed through the music. Hence, through various techniques and exercises (such as playing, ear training, and sight reading), our lessons aim to enhance each student’s holistic growth.

In this course, you will get to learn various chords to implement in your playing, scales to get you the balance and control at the keyboard, ear training to hone your listening skills and develop your ears to be well-tuned so that you can identify musical elements naturally. You will be exposed to different types of genres such as pop, rock, R&B, Shuffle and Bossa Nova. Moreover, our instructors will provide free transcription for you.

Regardless of the student’s background and objective, we aim to provide value-adding, enjoyable, and inspiring learning opportunities. Therefore, every lesson is designed in a structured manner, yet remains tailored and adapted to every student’s needs and goal.

What makes our POP Piano Lessons different?

What makes our POP Piano Lessons different?

What Can You Expect To Learn:

1. Pop RnB Ballad
Song: So sick

2. Jazz Rock (Fusion)
Song: Careless Whisper

2. Pop Rock
Song: Man in the mirror

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