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Beginners Guitar Lesson Guide on: Guitar Accessories to get

Beginners Guitar Lesson Guide on: Guitar Accessories to get

On a tight budget? No worries, I have a separate list of essential and optional items.

You can slowly acquire the optional items as you progress in your skills.

Essential items Optional Items (in order of importance)
Guitar (Duh!) Extra Strings (for Stand-by)
Tuner Capo
Pick Strap
Ring binder folder(you don’t want to misplace your notes!) Metronome
Music Stand
Recorder or looper

Which brands do I use?

Guitar: We have our own label of guitars. You can purchase it at our studio (:

Alternatively, you can purchase the recommended brands in our tutorial video

Pick: When you purchase our guitars, we’ll provide you with our home-brand pick as well! I would definitely recommend purchasing a thinner pick for easier strumming.


Watch this video to understand how these accessories works

Extra Strings: Elixir Anti Rust Strings
Capo: D’Addario
Strap: Levy Straps
Strap Lock: D’Addario or Planet wave
Metronome: download this app
Music Stand: Hercules music stand
Recorder/ Looper: Boss

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