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It’s not just Elvis and Obama who play the ukulele. Many famous and success people did too! Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, film director Francis Ford Coppola and music legends like, Bob Seger and Don Henley learnt it too!

The ukulele is one of the most melodic instruments on earth and one of the easiest to learn how to play.
Our ukulele course is designed to suit both beginners with or without prior music knowledge. It covers the basic chords and strumming patterns which are commonly used in today’s music. At the end of course, you’ll also learn the following: How to tune a ukulele, ukulele chords, strumming patterns, plucking techniques, how to read sheet music and tablature, learn how pluck melodic tunes with ukulele, solo techniques as well as learning songs in various genres of music including classical, pop, rock and bossa nova. Most importantly, you get to learn your favorite song!

The Alternate Tone Ukulele lessons will have you playing in no time with less pain, less stress and less confusion and following in the famous footsteps of billionaires, rock stars and world leaders. But, like they did, you have to make the first move.

What makes our Ukulele Course different?

What makes our Ukulele Course different?
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Student Testimonials

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  • Alternate Tone Music School Student

    It’s great to have Javen from Alternate Tone as my Ukulele teacher! He is nice and teaches me a lot of things. I love playing the ukulele because I have learned so much and I can play songs that I like!

    Martinus Sunde | Student from Norway

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