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Alternate Tone Guitar School

We don’t believe in a one-size-fit all teaching plan. Every music lesson is customized to individual student’s needs and aspirations. No matter if you are a kid or adult, beginner or advanced learner, our instructors can tailor the lesson plans for you. We have well-thought out and comprehensive learning syllabus that will guide you in your learning. Students can ensure smooth progression from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced level.

Our aim is to challenge the traditional idea of a music school and our goal is to be the source of inspiration for our students.

Join us today! And discover what creative looks like for you.

What Will You Learn?

Your Favorite Songs

Have a song you’ve been wanting to play?

We’ll help you get there.

Guitar Chords

Learn different chord progressions, chord substitutions,

how are they formed and how to create your own chords.

Music Theory

Set your foundation right, understand and interpret written music and translate that into your playing.

Strumming & Plucking

Learn all different strumming and plucking patterns that you’ll ever need and best of all, we will teach you how to create your own.

Guitar Solos

Learn how to improvise your own solos and develop your own guitar solos just like the pros.

Any Type Of Guitar

Acoustic, Electric, Bass or Ukulele.

Play By Listening

End of the day, our main goal is to help you learn how to play any songs naturally, just by listening. You’ll be able to figure out the chords, musical notes of melody lines, and improvise your own style of playing over your favorite songs without any musical scores.

You’ll be a guitarist!

About Us

Alternate Tone specializes in providing pop piano and guitar lessons. Our journey started in Singapore since 2009, and we exist to make music learning possible for all.

We are a music learning community that everyday, grooms people to become musicians. We’re proud to be a tribe built by musicians, for musicians; sharing what we know, passing along ideas and techniques, and encouraging each other to pursue the extraordinary and the unknown.

We believe the way we teach music should be as creative as the way we play music, crushing the mold of classroom-style learning and being the supplement of creative energy and source of inspiration for our students.

There is always a better way to learn music!

We’re located at: 35B Seah St, Singapore, 188391

They are our awesome teachers:


Beginner Guitar Course Weekday Class:

30th May 2017, 7pm

35B Seah Street , Singapore 188391

5min walk from City Hall MRT (Beside Raffles Hotel)

Filling fast – 2 slots left

Beginner Guitar Course Weekend Class:

27th June 2017, 1pm

35B Seah Street , Singapore 188391

5min walk from City Hall MRT (Beside Raffles Hotel)

Filling Fast – 3 slots left

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