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Not only will our lessons help you play like a pro.

We will help you understand the why & how behind the techniques and theories of your favourite song

Alternate Tone Guitar School

We don’t believe in a one-size-fit all teaching plan. Every music lesson is customized to individual student’s needs and aspirations. No matter if you are a kid or adult, beginner or advanced learner, our instructors can tailor the lesson plans for you. level.

We have well-thought out and comprehensive learning syllabus that will guide you in your learning. Students can ensure smooth progression from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced level.

Our aim is to challenge the traditional idea of a music school and our goal is to be the source of inspiration for our students.

And discover what creative looks like for you.

What Will You Learn?

Solo Improvisation

Learn How to Create Your Own Guitar Solos

And Discover Your Own Playing Style

Chord Melody & Chord Substitution 

Understand the theory behind Chord melody and Chord Substitution

Music Theory

Set your foundation right, understand and interpret written music and translate that into your playing.

Blues, Rock, Funk, R&B, Indie, Country, Gospel

Explore the different genre & styles of guitar playing and discover your tone

Guitar Effects & Loops

Learn How To Tweak Effects Like a Pro, and How To Set Up & Create Guitar Loops


Learn How To Play FingerStyle Effortlessly. Master the techniques and theory behind 

Scales & Modes

Learn how to Master the fretboard, and demystify the theory behind modes and how to apply it into your playing

Shredding & Tapping

Learn the concept and techniques of shredding and finger tapping.

Jazz Guitar

Learn how to play Jazz and understand the Concept & Theory Behind


Sight Reading Made Easy. Our lessons will help you learn sight-reading fast and painless.

Of course, sight-reading is optional.  

Play By Listening

End of the day, our main goal is to help you learn how to play any songs naturally, just by listening. You’ll be able to figure out the chords, musical notes of melody lines, and improvise your own style of playing over your favorite songs without any musical scores.

You’ll be a guitarist!

About Us

Alternate Tone specializes in providing guitar and pop piano lessons. Our journey started in Singapore since 2009, and we exist to make music learning possible for all.

We are a music learning community that inspire everyday people to become musicians. We’re proud to be a tribe built by musicians, for musicians; sharing what we know, passing along ideas and techniques, and encouraging each other to pursue the extraordinary and the unknown.

We believe the way we teach music should be as creative as the way we play music, crushing the mold of classroom-style learning and being the supplement of creative energy and source of inspiration for our students.

Discover What Creativity Looks Like For You!

We’re located at: 35B Seah St, Singapore, 188391

They are our awesome teachers:

*Min 8 Lessons to start


Advance Guitar Instructor 

Lasalle College Of Arts (Bachelor Of Music In Performance Guitar)

Sano Shimano is the Guitarist lead guitarist for Gentle Bones

and Music Director based in Singapore who specializes in

contemporary music composition and arrangement who is

actively working for artists under Universal Music, Nettwerk Music Group.

He has managed, orchestrated for and performed at various major

music festivals along with being awarded The National Arts Council’s

Presentation and Participation Grant (2015).


Mike Lau 

Advance Guitar Instructor 

Lasalle College Of Arts (Bachelor Of Music In Performance Guitar)

Session Guitarist For M1LDL1FE, LinYing, Joie Tan, Mars,  JAWN, Ffion Williams, and played at festivals in China, Malaysia, Australia and Singapore. Mike is a sought after session musician and guitar teacher. He specialise in Pop, R&B, Soul and Rock Guitar playing.


Ryan Wong 

Advance Guitar Instructor 

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Bachelor Of Music)

Ryan, Music major from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts is an experienced acoustic and electrical guitar instructor.

He has taught at various schools such as Raffles Girls Primary School, Bukit Panjang Primary School, Hwa Chong Institution, Chung Cheng High School and Nan Hua High School.

As a Music Arranger, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, he was worked with Radio station UFM 100.3 on multiple projects and with many recording artists, including Dr. Liang Wen Fu. On top of that, he has also won a band and song-writing competition. Despite all of these accomplishments, his proudest endeavour is leading an educational program to groom young talents.

Travis Tan

Advance Guitar Instructor 

Lasalle College Of Arts (Diploma Of Music In Performance Guitar)


Travis Specialise in Rock and Metal guitar playing style, and has a ton of experience performing under his belt.

Over 400+ students learn with us, here is what some of them are saying:

“I love it here, I started learning a few months ago and the teachers are awesome, they know how to explain so everybody can understand” Samantha Goh

“Join Alternate Tone to learn more about guitar soloing and fingerstyle which I was struggling with. I’ve learnt so much since! I’m able to create my own guitar solos and figure out the chords and notes required to cover songs in fingerstyle without much of a issue now! ” Joshua Goh

“My sister and I always loved guitars, saw an ad on Facebook and decided to give it a try – best decision made this year, I can’t stop playing my guitar at home haha” Christina Teng

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